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accepting flaws in your favorite things

Journal Entry: Thu Feb 9, 2017, 1:06 PM
SO, it's been a while since i've written a "personal" journal entry here (sorry guis i need money LOL) but lately a lot has been going on in many fandoms of many kinds - i see it a HECK of a lot more on tumblr but im ranting about it here because when i ranted about it on tumblr i got anons from the fandom in question berating me and telling me i was "reading too much into things" and basically tried to invalidate my opinion because they didn't agree with it.
so im NOT gonna mention the specific fandom outright (though im sure some of you may know if you frequent tumblr or twitter) but lately people have been picking up on this things large amount of imperfections. not that shows must be perfect, they never can be, but this show in particular has had a LOT of problems for a while but it's fandom is well known for being cloudy-eyed to that sort of stuff. but anyways, it's been hit hard with a lot of criticism lately and honestly, it's cool with me cause i wasn't a fan of the show for most of the reasons it's being criticized for - but what im here to talk about is the people that aren't okay with it because as previously mentioned, i got more anons than i got on my entire time on tumblr for speaking out about something i thought was uncomfortable and 'problematic' (for lack of a better word) - and i didn't put it in the tag of the show, i made sure it wouldn't pop up in them, etc. so i wasnt infringing on anyones safe space. not to mention the fact that i lost close to 10 followers over it. 
so when your favorite thing does something problematic or even just bad/wrong/unprofessional, the best way to go about it is just fucking own up to it! you don't have to agree with everything the show does, in fact, that just makes you look like an idiot. 
and it's not like i don't relate to this. one of my favorite shows is rick and morty, which is definitely not PC. and i can openly admit when i don't like something it does! and tbh it feels GOOD, because it feels like i still haven't turned into a mindless sheep because im stanning something that doesn't deserve it. it's childish and unprofessional for these people (including people that *work on the show*) to be attacking completely level headed critics because they don't like what they're saying! i've seen shows berated with so much more UNREALISTIC hatred, and the crew stayed completely chill. 
and this goes even further than just morals of a show. like, how brainwashed as a fan, do you have to be to accept generally shitty quality and extremely obvious inconsistencies in these shows? again, i really love some shows that have shit quality animation, but i can ADMIT that, and not appreciate that part of it. but these fans, and AGAIN, members of the FUCKING TEAM, make up excuses for this or completely deny any of that is occurring. if that's  not a sign this shit isn't going to get any better, i don't know what is. if your crew isn't even willing to try to do a professional job on a thing that tens of thousands of people are consuming, you need to reconsider all the money you spent on your tuition because it's been wasted. 
but back to moral issues in these things, because like i said, if you don't have enough of a grasp on your own morality that you let a cartoon cross boundaries without saying a word, you need some help. like i said, i watch shows that have crossed my moral boundaries but im not going to sit there and say "hey, that's alright, because this cartoon is perfect and without flaws so it HAS to be right". NO, be consistent and steadfast in your morality! you can listen to other peoples opinions and even change your mind but in the case of this show, the sensitive topics with racist undertones scare me because kids are learning this stuff, and so are teenagers in the fandom. it's scary and you can say im reading into it but almost everyone i've seen criticize this show has mentioned the same thing. fandoms have become entitled, thinking what they want, the creators have to believe and input into their content and its not true. it happened in the overwatch fandom recently, as voice actors were literally sent death threats over ship choices. its fucking ridiculous. 
im not meaning to offend anyone through this (especially if you know what i'm talking about and youre a fan of it) but i hope it at least helps you to realize that your favorite shows and games are NOT perfect. neither are mine or anyone elses, and if you are one of the people im talking about in this you need to be smart. don't be a sheep, dont be mindless and spoonfed. stay strong to your morality and don't support things that promote things like racism. thats all i gotta say

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:bulletblue: I love many different characters, and often express that love through OCxCanon art.
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:bulletred: As I mentioned before, I do a lot of OCxCanon. Please dont watch me if you don't like that kind of stuff! And i will probably never be in the mood for you to tell me your super special opinion on what I draw so yeah

Activity doing a ClayKo kissing meme >w< come on in if you're able! (no sound for now until i finish the podcast im listening to lol) 

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